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At Home Pet Dental Care

In addition to veterinary dentistry visits, it is important to establish an at home pet dental routine to prevent the development of periodontal disease caused by the accumulation of tarter and plaque. We recommend the following: Daily teeth brushing with animal toothpaste – Human toothpaste has baking soda that could upset your pet’s stomach. Veterinary approved…

Pet Dental Exam—What You Need to Know

Unlike us, pets can’t brush or floss their teeth daily, which can lead to pet oral health issues such as: Tarter and plaque buildup—Causes bacteria leading to bad breath and gum infection (gingivitis) Gum infection (gingivitis)—Leads to tooth loss and localized pain Bacteria in the bloodstream—Causes disease in other organs, such as kidney, liver, and…

What to Expect During a Veterinary Dental Cleaning

We strive to make your pet’s dental cleaning as comfortable, stress free, and pain free as possible. Our veterinary team is available to answer your questions, but here are a few highlights regarding your pet’s dental cleaning: Your pet can be dropped off between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. Blood work and a physical exam…