At Home Pet Dental Care

In addition to veterinary dentistry visits, it is important to establish an at home pet dental routine to prevent the development of periodontal disease caused by the accumulation of tarter and plaque.

We recommend the following:

  • Daily teeth brushing with animal toothpaste – Human toothpaste has baking soda that could upset your pet’s stomach.
  • Veterinary approved dental chews – CET brand chews made by a veterinary dental company is coated with a dental hygienic cleaning solution.
  • Dental treats – Hill’s Science Diet treats are formulated to scrape the tooth surface while your pet chews.
  • Feline tartar control – Treats that help reduce tartar can be given to your cat regularly.
  • Water additives – CET brand flushes and rinses add some extra teeth-cleaning power to your regimen.

Proper dental care for your pet is important to maintaining your pet’s overall health. Please contact us to Make An Appointment, or to answer any questions you have regarding your pet’s dental health.